Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Une poum des 80's avec Hugues!

Bonjour my little blog-o-spherites, how have you all been?
Since Marky and Kirk have decided to shirk their blogging duties this week, you will be delighted to read about whatever I want you to read about AGAIN!
To start things off, Hugues Lauzier (http://www.imagotattoo.blogspot.com )is visiting us from Montreal this week, and we've been having an 80's dance party allllll day! I've even been fortunate enough to hear him sing. He should have been a pop star! I'm tellin ya, it's true! Come down and listen for yourself, if you're lucky :)

also, we're busy little bees here at Rain City, working on a group flash set for all of you to feast your eyes on very soon. sneak peeks to come in the next week! And Kirk is finished with his own flash set, I'm sure he'll grace our eyes with a picture soon enough, but for now, just a quick snap of him working away.

Other than that, come on in and visit us! book a consult! get tattooed! bring cupcakes! ( Should you do so in that order, even, that would be so rad!)
we'll be posting up pictures of our work in the coming blog posts but until then, just visit HERE!

stay classy,
Stephanie <3

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