Wednesday, 20 July 2011

So I guess it's my turn to do this thing

So I'm not gonna get all sappy on here like Stephy wants me to
because I am just not that kinda person,
but we've been having a good time over here at the shop lately
(mainly picking on Steph and working hard).

Here is a fun piece from the start of the month
I don't get to do many landscape tattoos 
but I always have fun doing them.

Love always   

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Dating advice courtesy of Marky and Kirk! shit's free yo.

So I suppose being the only girl here at Rain City means that I am subjected to ( or offered, apparently) some FANTASTIC dating advice. I've decided to share a few gems with you lucky readers , free of charge (unless you wanna pay. you can totally pay me if you want. no more dating advice though, I got that shit on lock).
     First off, since I'm so into the boys in the 20 - 22 year age bracket, I've learned that despite their adorable charm and good intentions ( and great bodies), that boys that age are good to look at, but not so good to hold a conversation with. They are purely pretty machines to look at, and touch, but not to actually, you know, put into any sort of intellectual use that one 24 year old female may want anytime soon. Though if you are 20 to 22 feel free to prove this wrong ;).
    Secondly, if going on more than 2 dates, and you haven't put out yet, you MUST have something wrong with your..... downstairs... region. possibly it's that time of the month, possibly it's the herp. who knows, who cares.... either way, you best be getting freaky or you're admitting that there's some horrible surprise waiting to spring out. Advice from the masters.
    If you happen to be texting someone every day, and not even  sexting them, heaven forbid,  then you are probably dating. No, wait... you ARE dating, just without all the hot sweaty sex and without the  dick and ball photos that we all know you're craving, but can't ask for quite yet, lest it get out that you aren't the prude you have made yourself seem to be.
    Then there are the rules on getting kinky... but that's best left to shop talk. I'm sure you'd hear all about it if you came in and got tattooed. In fact, I guarantee that you'd hear about it. We may as well rename our shop to: Rain City Tattoos and Sex Advice! Come in while its hawt!
   In any case, dating can be quite an adventure for anyone, I'm just glad I get my advice from 2 of the most knowledgeable guys around. It really helps. seriously. Though that boy hasn't called me back yet. I'm sure he's just busy though.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Une poum des 80's avec Hugues!

Bonjour my little blog-o-spherites, how have you all been?
Since Marky and Kirk have decided to shirk their blogging duties this week, you will be delighted to read about whatever I want you to read about AGAIN!
To start things off, Hugues Lauzier ( )is visiting us from Montreal this week, and we've been having an 80's dance party allllll day! I've even been fortunate enough to hear him sing. He should have been a pop star! I'm tellin ya, it's true! Come down and listen for yourself, if you're lucky :)

also, we're busy little bees here at Rain City, working on a group flash set for all of you to feast your eyes on very soon. sneak peeks to come in the next week! And Kirk is finished with his own flash set, I'm sure he'll grace our eyes with a picture soon enough, but for now, just a quick snap of him working away.

Other than that, come on in and visit us! book a consult! get tattooed! bring cupcakes! ( Should you do so in that order, even, that would be so rad!)
we'll be posting up pictures of our work in the coming blog posts but until then, just visit HERE!

stay classy,
Stephanie <3

Monday, 4 July 2011

New beginnings, familiar faces, fun times, and responsibility!

Once in a while I like to change things up,  take a leap of faith, experience the grass on the other side..... wait.... that's not the phrase!
Either way, that means starting a blog and having the honour of writing the inaugural post. I suppose that blogs are meant to be witty, full of fun stories, rants, raves, and of course ( the only reason why tattooers even have blogs half the time) pictures! Well I intend to whip Marky and Kirk and I into fully functioning blogging machines in order to appease your appetites for such dee-lightful tidbits!
This first post shall be short and sweet, till I figure out what to put up.
Some info on the shop; opened by Mark Ainsworth (Rain City Tattoos) in January of 2011, and joined by Kirk (Kirk Sheppard tattoos) and Stephanie (Stephanie babiarz).
we are open every day, 12 till 6ish ( though rarely before 8!) at 101-233 west broadway.
you can check our sites to email us for consults, or call at 604-569-1522.

check back for fun updates on what we've done during the days, tattoos, jokes, parties, etc!!!
Shop front!

art collection! so rad!

Kirk and Marky.... giving me the 3rd degree about EVERYTHING I do. Typical!
<3 Stephanie