Monday, 4 July 2011

New beginnings, familiar faces, fun times, and responsibility!

Once in a while I like to change things up,  take a leap of faith, experience the grass on the other side..... wait.... that's not the phrase!
Either way, that means starting a blog and having the honour of writing the inaugural post. I suppose that blogs are meant to be witty, full of fun stories, rants, raves, and of course ( the only reason why tattooers even have blogs half the time) pictures! Well I intend to whip Marky and Kirk and I into fully functioning blogging machines in order to appease your appetites for such dee-lightful tidbits!
This first post shall be short and sweet, till I figure out what to put up.
Some info on the shop; opened by Mark Ainsworth (Rain City Tattoos) in January of 2011, and joined by Kirk (Kirk Sheppard tattoos) and Stephanie (Stephanie babiarz).
we are open every day, 12 till 6ish ( though rarely before 8!) at 101-233 west broadway.
you can check our sites to email us for consults, or call at 604-569-1522.

check back for fun updates on what we've done during the days, tattoos, jokes, parties, etc!!!
Shop front!

art collection! so rad!

Kirk and Marky.... giving me the 3rd degree about EVERYTHING I do. Typical!
<3 Stephanie

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